Academy O&P was established in 1998 by a group of leading Orthotic and Prosthetic practices who realized that in order to be successful, it is best to get together and operate as a group.

Over the years, we have grown to include DME as well.

Our industry is faced with pressures from all directions;

First, the cost of doing business is ever increasing with the increase of regulations and paperwork requirements. By working as a group with our central billing office, you can reduce this cost by sharing it with other providers.

Second, the reimbursement rates are ever decreasing as the insurance companies are faced with the same issues from the regulators, and are trying to stay afloat. By joining our group, this painful reality is diminished, as your leverage with the insurance companies is increased, being that you are negotiating as a much larger group.

Third, over the years, a less than stellar player has entered the market with Wall Street money, simply out for a quick profit. They provide inferior service to the patient, giving the whole industry a black eye. However, to compensate for their shortcomings, they rely on their marketing team and on their clout by numbers, having many locations. By joining our group, you gain access to our marketing team who is out competing with them. Plus you gain the recognition, only possible by sheer size.

Fourth, the manufacturers of medical devices are also under pressure to protect their margins under attack from rising commodity pricing and government taxes, tariff’s, fines and all the other stuff governments are good at. These increases are than passed on to us, the O&P community. Not having the clout and the numbers to push back, the small independent practice ends up carrying the brunt of these increases in cost. By joining our group, your practice can buy as a group, taking advantage of the volume incentives offered etc. and being able to negotiate with a better hand.

Fifth, Most practices in the US are medium sized, in which the practitioner is too busy to also work in the lab, yet is not large enough to support the cost of having your own lab and workshop. A lot of these providers have to turn to “central-fab” companies which is a crap-shoot at best.. By joining our group, you will have access to the leading technicians in the field working in our state of the art lab, resulting in better and quicker service to your patient at a reduced cost, putting more of your hard earned money in “your” pocket. In addition, by joining our group, you will have access to proprietary technologies developed by other members in our group, resulting in better products and service for the patient.

These and many more benefits are available to you, simply by joining our group. Unlike other groups who charge an exuberant fee to join, we do not engage in any of these extortion style tactics. Instead, by joining our group, we become “partners” in this endeavor always having your best interests at heart.

One point to ponder, we are a company established “by” O&P practitioners, ideas and policies derived “from” the O&P community and run “for your” benefit. We are not a Wall-Street entity, just interested in making a quick buck on your already tired shoulders.

We are looking forward in hearing from you soon.


Isaac Stein